The Ultimate Guide to Become Location Independent

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The Ultimate Guide To Become Location Independent, your one-stop guide to help you create a lifestyle of nomadic entrepreneurship by following your passion. Have the freedom to travel the world for as long as you want while still making a living doing what you love.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know to make it happen; from the art of travel long term to create an income from anywhere in the world. 

The eBook is organized in a simple, easy-to-follow format that will guide you from understanding what location independence is to the execution of this lifestyle. It is also designed to inspire you by sharing the tips, strategies, and stories that helped me become location independent and travel with a small budget to over 138 countries in the past ten years.

Take action to realize your dreams. Take that leap to see the world. I’m here to help you!


I’m Norbert, and in 2011 I became location independent to travel the world long-term. Since then, I’ve been living “on the road” and making a living through both of my passions: travel and architecture.

And of course, if I could make that transition from a location-based worker to a location-independent entrepreneur, why not help you do the same by sharing the entire process and tricks with you?

Lastly, while the ebook is free for you to grab to inspire and encourage your desire to see the world, any kind of donation is always appreciated. 

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You'll get over 200 pages with tips and tricks to learn how to make a living online and live like a nomad anywhere in the world.

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